Revised Codes of Good Practice

The Revised Codes of Good Practice have finally been Gazetted on 11 October 2013. You can access them Here to download or view. There will be a transition period of 12 months which means they will come into effect on 11 October 2014.


The Association B-BBEE of Verification Agencies (ABVA) held a meeting with the Department of Trade and Industry on Friday 29 August to clarify what the DTI’s intend with their statement to take charge of the Verification Industry.Assurance was given during the meeting that they don’t intend taking over the role of Verification Agencies but rather regulate the certification of Exempt Micro Enterprises. They plan to affect this through their existing institutional arrangements.

The DTI will create 100 balck Industrialists in the next 3 years

It has been on the cards through various actions taken over the last 2 years that the Government will use B-BBEE to strengthen its grip on the means of production in the country. The Government has been battling the process of an eroding support base and it needs to turn this process around, for which it needs access to the economy to generate itself additional capital. The question has just been how. It is now becoming clearer how this will be done.


Impact of the Elections results on B-BBEE

The results from the recent elections on 7 May is showing the first signs of a power shift in South African Politics and B-BBEE will be one of the vehicles to try and stabilize or limit these shifts.

Revised QSE Scorecard to be issued in June

In these confusing and uncertain times it is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture in B-BBEE development  to ensure you know what is coming down the line and are able to plan properly and make appropriate business decisions.

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